Bus companies operating in and around Freiburg

There are several bus and coach operators running their services throughout the area, here are but a few:

Freiburg Transportation System

Freiburg has an extensive pedestrian zone in the city centre where no automobiles are allowed. Freiburg also has an excellent public transit system, anchored by a continually expanding web of tram / streetcar routes known as the Stadtbahn.

Freiburg is on the main Frankfurt am Main - Basel train line with frequent and fast long-distance train services to major German and other European cities. Other train lines run east into the Black Forest and west to Breisach.

Getting To Freiburg

Arrival by train:

  • Freiburg is within the network of the European railway system
  • Freiburg is an Intercity Express-station between Frankfurt and Basel.
  • So Freiburg is readily accessible by express from all directions, e.g. from Frankfurt in about 2 hours.

Religion in Germany

Roman Catholicism, one of Germany's two principal religions, traces its origins there to the eighth-century missionary work of Saint Boniface.

In the next centuries, Roman Catholicism made more converts and spread eastward.

Freiburg-Basel Aiport bus service

The company Freiburger Reisedienst runs a regular bus service between Freiburg's main bus station and the Euroairport near Basel.

The bus picks up passengers from just outside the exit on the French side of the Euroairport (do not follow the Swiss flag when leaving the airport, follow the French flag to leave 'in France'. Even though there is only a few metres between the two exits, it is not possible to climb over the border barrier).

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